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  • DrizaBone short oilskin coat - Freestyle Saddlery

DrizaBone short oilskin coat

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Unmistakable signature DrizaBone! Short coat that is both waterproof and durable for working conditions.

Drizabone is a 100% Australian owned and operated oilskin manufacturer. The original Drizabone concept generated from Scottish sailor Edward Le Roy, who discovered, by painting the torn canvas from sails with linseed oil, paraffin and beeswax, he could create an effective waterproof and windproof coat, making the sails excellent wet weather attire. On land, word of the procedure spread and Le Roys coats grew in popularity. They were soon adapted to life on the land. A fantail was added protecting the seat of the riders saddle, leg straps to secure the coat in strong winds and extra long sleeves to protect the arms.  The effectiveness of its waterproof qualities prompted a name change to Drizabone and the addition of a bone shaped logo in 1933, likening the coat to the scorched dried bones of animals in the Australian outback, hence the name; dry-as-a-bone!.

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