• Saddle Cloth CalRei Jump
  • Saddle Cloth CalRei Jump
  • Saddle Cloth CalRei Jump

Saddle Cloth CalRei Jump


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CalRei is new and unique in that the “spring effect” caused by millions of vertical microfibers which are interconnected among them, give a perfect distribution of the pressure, avoiding any pain or damage to the horse. Due to its excellent ventilation and respiratory properties there is no accumulation of humidity nor sweat.

With the passing of time and after daily use, all types of residue (skin scales, traces of sweat, dust, etc…) accumulate in the inside of the horse riding textile products, blankets, saddle blankets, bandages, etc. The filament structure of the 3D Spacer prevents these residues from sticking to the interior, giving as a result an environment free from mites, bacteria and fungi, without the need of applying noxious substances, thus preventing possible allergic reactions.

Constant ventilation
No accumulation of humidity or sweat
No accumulation of unpleasant smells
Anti fungi

Simply hose after use, CalRei saddle cloths don’t lose their shape or structure. 

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